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Mastery in maths

10th May 2016

Mastery in maths (or in any subject) is how we describe children who are working well above National Age Related Expectations:
Here for example, the Y5 children have used their understanding of surface area to ask whether or not it would be cheaper to have cereals sold in cube shaped boxes rather than cuboid (the normal shapes).
This came about after a long investigation into whether a cube and a cuboid with the same amount of volume, would have the same amount of surface area.
The result?  Children discovered that the cubes usually had a smaller surface area.  So, to find out why we don't see cube shaped boxes on our supermarket shelves, two of the children have written to three of the main producers to see if they can answer our question....
18th May 2016
Today Isaac and Kate received a reply from Weetabix.
Click on the link below to see their response.
The children enjoyed receiving a formal letter and were surprised at the reasons for not using cube shaped boxes.